Yetter Screw Adjust option speeds planting operations

Spend less time adjusting, and plant more acres each day with the Screw Adjust Residue Manager Option for the White 8000 Planter from Yetter Manufacturing Company.

Like the original, the Screw Adjust for the White 8000 allows you to maintain depth control acre after acre for unparalleled residue management.

The Screw Adjust for the White 8000 easily adapts to all soil conditions and makes it a cinch to find and maintain your appropriate working depth. The unit attaches directly to the face plate row unit, and when coupled with the correct residue manager wheels, it prepares the ideal seedbed for maximum yield potential.

The Screw Adjust for the White 8000 from Yetter Manufacturing Company features an exclusive self-detent adjustment handle that allows for quick, one-hand adjustment so that you can spend more time working and less time adjusting. This unique feature provides constant, accurate depth control. The working depth can be adjusted with little effort to remove varying amounts of residue depending on the condition. In addition, a depth indicator assures a uniform depth setting for each row across the planter. According to Jim Lascelles, Yetter service representative, “This unit is incredibly efficient in the field, dramatically reducing adjustment down time.”

With the Screw Adjust for the White 8000, you can fine-tune your residue manager and adjust in one-sixteenth inch increments. The unit also features a one-half inch drive socket to speed adjustment, which can be extremely beneficial when shifting from conventional to no-till soil conditions.

Like all Yetter products, the Screw Adjust is built to last. The simple, rugged design ensures reliability and a long service life.

The Screw Adjust is also greasable, which inhibits corrosion of the screw mechanism.

For more information about this and other Yetter products, contact a Yetter Planter Fit-Up Specialist.

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