Wylie LT-1250-NTS nurse tank

Wylie Manufacturing has introduced a 1,250 gallon nurse trailer. The LT-1250-NTS features a 1,250 gallon elliptical polyethylene leg tank with a side mounted fillwell for easy access.

The tank is available in either white or "algae resistant" black. When ordered without brakes, the trailer is restricted to hauling water and water based chemicals. The surge brake model allows fertilizer to be carried.

The 1250 Nurse Trailer can be equipped with a variety of features to fit many applications. Options include either a 15 gallon or "new" 30 gallon Mix n' fill system, a "Quick-Fill" valve and coupling, "Grip Strut" walkway fenders with a handrail for safe access to the fillwell, lights and a two and five sixteenths ball hitch.

The trailer can be powered by either Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines coupled to Banjo poly or cast iron pumps providing high volume flow and long service life.

For more information on these or other Wylie products, contact the nearest Wylie Spray Center, call 800-722-4001 or go to www.wyliesprayers.com.

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