WideStrike insect protection receives EPA approval

Dow AgroSciences has received full registration from the Environmental Protection Agency for WideStrike insect protection. The trait will be introduced in three new PhytoGen cotton varieties in 2005.

“This is a very exciting day for Dow AgroSciences and for the cotton industry,” said Pete Siggelko, vice president of plant genetics and biotechnology for Dow. “WideStrike allows us to build on the successes we’ve achieved with Herculex insect protection for corn and bring a needed alternative for in-plant insect protection to the cotton market.”

WideStrike is a new, stacked insect-protection trait which expresses two bacillus thuringiensis proteins, Cry1F and Cry1Ac, in cotton plants. According to three years of field trials conducted by the company, WideStrike provides a high level of activity against worm pests such as cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm, beet armyworm, fall armyworm, soybean loopers, cabbage loopers and pink bollworm.

Current plans call for WideStrike to be available alone and also stacked with the Roundup Ready technology.

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