Wheat Varietal Reactions to Diseases in Mississippi, 2004

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Brand/Variety Leaf Stripe Brand/Variety Leaf Stripe
rust2 rust2 rust2 rust2
AgriPro Beretta R MS HBK 3106 R VS
AgriPro Natchez -- MR HBK 3266 -- VS
AgriPro Savage R MR LA925C104-1-3-B4 (Exp.) -- VS
AgriPro Panola MR R LA9560CA22-1 (Exp.) R MS
AGS 2000 R VS LA925C104-2 (Exp.) -- VS
AGS 2485 -- VS LA9518IBUR40-1 (Exp.) MR MR
AR Pat MR MR NK Coker 9152 R MR
AR Sabbe MS MR NK Coker 9663 MR S
AR 839 MR MR NK Coker 9375 MR R
AR 910-9-1 (Exp.) R MR Pioneer Variety 26R12 R S
Armor 3035 MR R Pioneer Variety 26R15 -- MS
Armor AXR 5888 (Exp.) MR R Pioneer Variety 26R38 R VS
Armor AXR 5110 (Exp.) MR MR Pioneer Variety 26R58 R S
Armor AXR 5109 (Exp.) MR -- Pioneer Variety 26R61 R --
Delta Grow 4200 MR R Progeny 110 MR R
Delta Grow 4500 MR MR Progeny 133 MR R
Delta Grow 4888 MR MR Progeny 145 MR R
Delta King 1551W MR MR Progeny 156 MR S
Delta King 7777 MR MR Progeny 166 MR --
Delta King 7900 MR R Progeny EK Exp. 150 MR R
Delta King 9216 R S Progeny EK Exp. 160 MR --
Delta King 9410 MR MR SS 520 -- VS
Delta King XTJ241 (Exp.) MR R SS 535 R VS
Delta King XTJ239 (Exp.) MR MR SS 560 R VS
Delta King XTJ247 (Exp.) MR MR Terral LA422 -- VS
Delta King XTJ251 (Exp.) MR VS Terral LA841 -- --
Delta King XTJ253 (Exp.) MR MS Terral TV8450 MR R
Delta King XTJ261 (Exp.) -- S Terral TV8502 MR R
Dixie 900 MR R Terral TV8565 MR R
Dixie 922 MR MR Terral TV8466 MR R
Dixie 959 MR R Terral TVX81H04 (Exp.) MR R
Dixie 9512 MR MS Terral TVX82H01 (Exp.) MR R
Dixie 9812 MR MR Terral TVX82P201 (Exp.) -- VS
Geneisi M86 MR R UGA 931233-E17 R R
Genesis R023 MR R USG 3209 MR MS
Genesis R024 MR MR USG 3350 MR R
Genesis R033 MR MR USG 3430 MR R
Genesis R043 MR MR USG 3709 MR VS
Genesis R047 (Exp.) MR MR USG 3592 -- VS
Genesis R063 (Exp.) MR MR VA McCormick MR MR
HBK 3030 MR MS Vigoro Tribute MR S
1Prepared by Dr. David Ingram, Associate Extension/Research Plant Pathologist, Central Mississippi Research & Extension Center, Raymond, MS.
2Diseases rated visually using James’ Manual of Assesment Keys for Plant Diseases. Each replicated plot was visually rated for percentage of flag leaf area affected.
Values were subjected to analysis of variance and means seperated by LSD (P=0.05). The values were compared to a set of arbitrary standard values for R = resistant (<1%);
MR = moderately resistant (1-5%): MS = moderately susceptible (5-10%); S = susceptible (10-25%); VS = very susceptible (>25%); and no disease symptoms observed.
Values reflect varietal disease reaction only, and is not intended to be used as the sole criterion for determination of economic losses.
It is recommended that several years data be compared as disease incidence and severity vary from location to location and year to year.
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