Westendorf: new three dimensional Cat Claw grab fork

Westendorf Manufacturing has added to its line of Cat Claw 3D grab forks, now designed to fit the company’s heavy-duty Custom Contour and Freedom Mount buckets with 4-inch square tube top rails.

The Cat Claw CC-184-3D is powered by dual hydraulic cylinders that operate in unison off one hydraulic lever. Dual action pivot points allow the claw to reach beyond the bucket, pivot to grab material and pull material back into the bucket.

Product application tests revealed a 200 percent increase in load capacity and the number of trips or handling times reduced by 50 percent.

The dual pivot points allow the Cat Claw to open wider, allowing the bucket’s edge to go flush against the wall when cleaning out a bunker silo. In the open position its reach allows it to handle large round bales and reach into plastic silage tubes to grab material where conventional grab forks don’t work.

The cat’s claws are V-shaped replaceable curved teeth. Their distinctive tapered design has built-in bracing to handle increased side pressures that resist twisting.

The Cat Claw can be used in many applications — hauling trash, downed trees, branches and fence posts and cleaning up silage pits, loose brush, feed lots, grain bins, hay stacks and any other lop-sided or unruly load.

For more information, go to www.loaders.com.

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