Weed Badger Model 4200 designed for smaller tractors

Weed Badger Division introduces the Model 4200 Weed Badger Series, a major breakthrough for in-row tillage and mowing in orchards, vineyards, nurseries, and berry farms.

The 4200 Model is designed for smaller tractors in the 18 to 30 HP range. With rising fuels costs affecting the bottom line, more smaller tractors are being put into the field for in-row, under-canopy maintenance. The new Weed Badger Series puts the aggressive weed killing tool to work on these lighter tractors with less field compaction.

The Model 4200 series is also very narrow. It is ideal for working in high-density plantings. When mounted on a 36-inch wide tractor this Weed Badger can squeeze through row middles as narrow as 47-inches and adds as little as 9 inches to tractor width when retracted.

The new machine saves money by reducing hand labor costs. It eliminates the need for toxic herbicides to burn back weeds in the strips.

The Model 4200 series will even take the pain out of weed control for some specialty vegetable crop growers, cut flower operations, and other crops where hand hoeing has been the only viable option. By straddling the rows and tilling beside the plants, hand labor is reduced to a bare minimum or eliminated completely.

It is loaded with features including a no-chatter pump drive system, on-the-go tilt, and a rugged frame. Interchangeable optional attachments make the machine a powerful in-row tool carrier. You can till, mow, sweep, stir mulch, disk, and more.

Ask for our free video or DVD. Call (800) 437-3392. 24-hour fax number (701) 778-7501. The Web site is: www.weedbadger.com. E-mail is [email protected].

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