Web site adds sections on biofuel co-products

The Biobased Information System is including on its Web site a section focused on co-products from the production of ethanol and biodiesel.

“The development of new markets for co-products such as glycerin and DDGs is one of the most important parts of the biofuels equation and it is our hope the information we provide and connections we facilitate will help grow this part of the industry,” said Pete Moss, president of FBA Consulting and investor and content provider to the BIS.

The Web site is also boosting its ability to supply information concerning funding opportunities and financial news as well as a more user-friendly database, more daily news, and an expanded calendar of events.

“Almost $2 billion in venture capital was invested in renewables and green technologies in 2006 and this is poised to grow,” said Steven Smith, research director at the BIS. “One of our goals is to make information concerning these deals accessible to individuals, businesses, and non-profit groups. We also want them to be aware of new technologies and opportunities related to biomass and biobased products.”

The BIS has been supported largely through government grants since 2000, and recently closed on a round of private investment allowing the development of alliances with FBA Consulting (www.frazierbarnes.com) and BioDimensions (www.biodimensions.net) to provide new investment and relevant content.

Access the Biobased Information System at www.biobasednews.com.

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