WeatherMax users report satisfaction

Two thirds of those responding to the survey also reported high satisfaction with the performance of Roundup WeatherMax under challenging conditions such as spray conditions when it is too hot, too dry or too cold.

According to the research study, 97 percent of growers reported that they were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their experiences with Roundup WeatherMax. Specific reasons given for the high satisfaction rating of Roundup WeatherMax over Roundup UltraMax included better rainfastness, faster kill, weed control and lower rates.

¡§These survey results indicate that we have delivered on our promise of providing a superior Roundup formulation and that growers are experiencing favorable outcomes as a result,¡¨ says David Hollinrake, Monsanto Roundup Brand manager. ¡§The results confirm that we continue to lead the market in setting a new standard for performance.

¡§Earlier survey results showed that growers were very satisfied with Roundup UltraMax. This most recent survey shows that they are even more satisfied with Roundup WeatherMax.¡¨

With a 97 percent satisfaction rating growers reported a high likelihood that they definitely or probably would use Roundup WeatherMax in 2004. Weed control and crop safety were the primary reason growers gave for planning to use Roundup WeatherMax again.

¡§These results validate that with a higher level of performance comes a higher level of satisfaction,¡¨ Hollinrake said. ¡§We strive for continuous improvement and are happy those efforts have paid off with the satisfaction level our customers enjoy.¡¨

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