Versatile Mid-Tech Legacy 6000 streamlines variable-rate control

Gone are the days when multiple consoles and their tangled cables clutter the cab. The Mid-Tech Legacy 6000 streamlines variable-rate product control, GPS mapping/data collection and guidance — from a single console having one cable and a bright, daylight readable display.

Combining multiple functions boosts efficiency and makes operation much easier. There is only one system to set up, one system to learn, and no troublesome integration problems.

Its Windows CE operating system provides the stability needed for mobile operation as data is automatically saved.

“The Legacy 6000 replaces the rate controller, a laptop and specialized GIS software for accomplishing multi-channel variable-rate control,” states Gregg Moore, president of Midwest Technologies.

“We are the first to dramatically improve product control, add variable-rate capability and make it easier to perform. The Legacy 6000 re-defines product control systems. We have taken the mystery and expense out of variable-rate application and made it simple to manage from start to finish.”

The Legacy 6000 controls precise application of one or more products (liquid, dry or anhydrous) on any standard vehicle such as a sprayer, spinner, pneumatic spreader, seeder, planter or others. At the same time, it can record product application and exact latitude-longitude positions.

Lightbar guidance with all the features of Mid-Tech's Swath XL can be added, but is not required for operation of the system.

“This is the second model in Mid-Tech's Legacy series of CAN-bus based control systems designed to make life easier for today's farmer and custom applicator,” according to Tony Chadwick, Midwest Technologies director of global product & market development. “The modular nature of the system makes it very easy to add more functions in the future, as the owner's needs change. All this is delivered from a single supplier with the backing of local Mid-Tech dealers and distributors who are the best in the agricultural equipment industry.”

The Legacy 6000, a CAN-bus system, defines a new generation of control systems marked by their versatility. CAN, or controller area network, is an intelligent computing system that spreads the processing required in a modern control system among a number of modules rather than doing everything in a single box. Computations are faster and the system is more stable. By adding more modules, each application vehicle can be customized to suit a customer's needs. The GPS receiver, for instance, becomes just another module feeding information into the system. It can be used but is not required.

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