Vault soybean inoculant lineup introduced for 2008

Becker Underwood is offering soybean growers a choice of three Vault inoculants made fresh for the 2008 growing season for greater performance in the field and maximum yields.

“Our Vault inoculants are made fresh every year for that specific growing season to ensure they deliver strong, vigorous rhizobia to seed, which helps maximize both nitrogen fixation and yield in soybeans,” says John Wilke, Becker Underwood inoculant product manager.

“Based on university research and independent field trials, soybean growers who use fresh Vault inoculants can expect an average yield advantage of 2.5 bushels per acre compared to soybeans grown without inoculants.”

Jim Beuerlein is a professor of agronomy and soybean research and Extension specialist for the Ohio State University. Beuerlein has evaluated soybean inoculants in hundreds of field trials since 1995. These tests have consistently shown the practice of inoculation provides a 2-bushel-per-acre average yield advantage.

“If you look at just one year, you might not think an extra bushel or two is all that significant. But when you look at it over the long run, and compare the yield advantage versus the cost of inoculating, the economic returns truly are significant,” Beuerlein explains.

“When you invest $2 to $3 an acre for an extra two bushels of soybeans that sell for $7 or $8 a bushel, inoculation is a practice that can generate 400 percent to 500 percent profit. And that can add a lot to your bottom line when you spread that over all your soybean acres.”

The 2008 Vault lineup will be available in two different liquid formulations and one dry formulation.

New Vault LVL is a low-volume liquid inoculant that is professionally applied by seed dealers. The low application rate for Vault LVL increases farmers' options to add other beneficial treatments such as fungicides and insecticides for healthier, more productive crops.

Vault LVL features Becker Underwood's exclusive BioStacked Technology that combines advanced strains of beneficial rhizobia with the disease-fighting power of Integral, an EPA-registered biofungicide that suppresses many common diseases including rhizoctonia and fusarium.

Replacing NOD+ is Vault NP, a highly concentrated liquid inoculant that offers excellent bacteria counts — more than 1.1 million rhizobia per seed (based on 3,000 seeds per pound). Fresh Vault NP inoculant contains the USDA-patented TA-11 Nod+ rhizobia strain, plus additional strains to improve stability and make the product even more robust over a wider range of environmental conditions.

Vault NP has been specially formulated so farmers can apply the product themselves either on-seed or in-furrow.

Vault SP is a highly potent, sterile peat-based inoculant for on-seed application. It contains the USDA-patented TA-11 Nod+ rhizobia strain proven to increase yields in soybeans. Vault SP is packaged in convenient 28-ounce packets that will treat up to 1,000 pounds of seed.

“Inoculating soybeans is a sound management decision that can deliver an outstanding return on investment. But for maximum results, be sure to use a fresh product like Vault — the only inoculant guaranteed to be made fresh for the 2008 growing season,” Wilke says.

Learn more about Vault LVL and other Vault inoculants at or by talking to a local dealer or seed treater. Call (800) 892-2013 for help in locating a dealer. You can also visit for additional information on the line of seed enhancements offered by Becker Underwood.

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