Valley Irrigation offers another linear option

VALLEY IRRIGATION is adding another linear model to its product line, this one appropriate even for smaller, irregular-shaped fields.

“This new Two Wheel Linear provides an excellent value for growers, because it's very flexible in its modes of operation,” according to Valley Product Manager Jake LaRue. “The Two Wheel Linear can go straight up and down the field, it can swing around for odd rectangular or L-shaped fields, and it may be moved in forward and reverse as a towable linear. All of this flexibility of operation comes with a minimum use of unique linear parts,” LaRue says.

This means growers already working with pivots will have more common parts between their pivots and the linear.

“It's an excellent option for growers looking to switch from surface irrigation,” according to LaRue. “It's an inexpensive alternative to drip irrigation, that also saves water and labor.” He says growers might not have thought about mechanized irrigation if they're growing crops on irregular shaped fields, but this product offers the advantages of mechanized irrigation by maximizing water application efficiency while maintaining uniformity over many years of operation.

For additional information about new water saving technologies from Valmont, growers can contact their local Valley dealer, call Valmont Irrigation at 800-825-6668 or visit Valmont on the Internet at

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