U.S. cotton harvest 24 percent complete

U.S. cotton producers have harvested 24 percent of this year’s cotton crop, which is a little ahead of last year’s pace at this time. According to USDA’s Oct. 1 crop progress report, harvest is 59 percent complete in Louisiana; 58 percent complete in Mississippi; 31 percent complete in Arkansas; 15 percent complete in Tennessee; and 9 percent complete in Missouri.

Thirty percent of the U.S. cotton crop is listed in poor to very poor condition as of Oct. 1, primarily due to conditions in five states. Seventy-one percent of Alabama’s crop is listed in poor to very poor condition, followed by 55 percent in Oklahoma; 43 percent in Texas; 36 percent in Georgia; and 28 percent in Mississippi.

U.S. soybean producers had harvested about 19 percent of the 2006 crop, compared to 9 percent last year and a five-year average of 26 percent. Harvest is 91 percent complete in Mississippi; 79 percent complete in Louisiana; 40 percent complete in Arkansas; and 24 percent complete in Tennessee.

Sixty-two percent of the crop is listed in good to excellent condition. However, only 32 percent of Mississippi’s crop is listed in the latter categories; compared to 46 percent for Louisiana; 41 percent for Arkansas; and 65 percent for Tennessee.

Rice harvest is slightly ahead of last year, with about 79 percent harvested by Oct. 1. Louisiana rice harvest is nearly complete; Mississippi is 91 percent complete; Arkansas, 81 percent; and Missouri 70 percent. California’s crop is 41 percent harvested, compared to 99 percent for Texas.

The U.S. corn harvest is slightly behind last year’s pace with 20 percent harvested compared to 25 percent last year. Sixty-one percent of the crop is listed in good to excellent condition.

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