UPI Bifenture labeled

UNITED PHOSPHORUS, INC., has received EPA approval for Bifenture 2EC insecticide/miticide, a generic bifenthrin formulation developed for use in a wide range of food and fiber crops, including corn, cotton, peas and beans, brassicas, canola, curcurbits, fruiting vegetables, lettuce, caneberries, artichokes, grapes, pears, citrus, spinach, and peppers.

The active ingredient in Bifenture is bifenthrin, a pyrethroid that provides quick knockdown and long residual control of numerous insect and mite pests.

It can be applied by ground or air, including ultra low volume applications for most crops.

Bifenture, a restricted use pesticide, has low mammalian toxicity, requires minimal protective equipment for applicators, and has a short re-entry interval, according to United Phosphorus, which plans to register Bifenture in all states, including California.

It can be tank-mixed with other pesticides, including insect growth regulators.

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