UPDATE: Arkansas Newpath shortage

The following information is an update to the information posted yesterday on the Newpath shortage in Arkansas (http://deltafarmpress.com/rice/clearpath-newpath-0604/).

This morning, the EPA approved the Arkansas Section 18 Notice of Crisis Exemption.

The notice is for the use of imazethapyr products Pursuit herbicide and Thunder herbicide and the imazamox product Raptor on Clearfield rice in Arkansas.

There is the stipulation in the letter from the Arkansas State Plant Board that the user should be aware that the use of Thunder herbicide will be in violation of the grower’s agreement with BASF.

The Crisis Exemption expires on June 19, but it is anticipated it can be extended at that time.

BASF has assured the officials that Pursuit will be in the distribution channels by next week.

It is uncertain at this time if the Thunder formulation will be made available.

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