Trilex Advanced protects against seedling disease

Cotton growers will have an additional option for controlling key cotton seedling diseases in time for the 2007 production season.

Trilex Advanced Seed-Applied System from Bayer CropScience has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Each cotton producer faces a different set of cotton seedling diseases,” said Chris Kleyla, product manager, Bayer CropScience. “Trilex Advanced addresses this challenge because it controls a broad spectrum of seedling diseases.”

Trilex Advanced has three active ingredients, which allows the product to control the most damaging early season diseases, including rhizoctonia, pythium, thielaviopsis and fusarium.

Through the National Cotton Council, the Cotton Disease Council's Cotton Disease Loss Estimate Committee reported the diseases cost cotton growers thousands of bales in lost yields each year.

Fusarium wilt alone cost growers an estimated 81,000 bales in 2005.

“In severe instances, seedling diseases can prompt a re-planting if the stand loss is great enough,” Kleyla said.

Kleyla added that growers should consult with their local Extension agents, dealers or Bayer CropScience sales representatives for fungicide recommendations. Planting date, crop rotation and field disease history can all affect the spectrum and severity of seedling diseases.

For additional product information call toll-free 866-992-2937 or go to

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