Touchdown Total approved for extended timing

Syngenta's Touchdown Total herbicide recently received EPA approval for post-emergence use after the fifth leaf stage in Roundup Ready Flex cotton varieties, allowing growers to extend the use of the herbicide further into the season.

As a key component of weed management programs, Touchdown Total offers down-to-the-roots control of more than 170 weeds.

“Syngenta is committed to helping growers achieve maximum yield and quality with all cotton varieties. Working with major Southern universities, we've tested and proven that Touchdown Total delivers consistent crop safety after the fifth leaf stage,” said Dan Hinderliter, Syngenta brand manager for Touchdown Total.

“With the newly extended application window on Flex cotton varieties, growers have another herbicide option at their disposal for control of a broad spectrum of tough weeds.”

Touchdown Total is a fully loaded and highly concentrated glyphosate potassium salt formulation. Each gallon of Touchdown Total offers 4.17 pounds of glyphosate.

“To manage glyphosate weed resistance, growers must diversify their weed management programs and incorporate residual herbicides that offer alternative modes of action,” said Scott Hendrix, Syngenta cotton crop manager.

“Combining Envoke with Touchdown Total is an ideal approach for resistance management that will broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled and provide residual activity. The addition of Envoke provides extended residual control and adds another mode of action to the mix to reduce the likelihood of resistance.”

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