Terral Seed announces three new wheat varieties

TERRAL SEED CO. is releasing three new wheat varieties for the 2005 season:

Terral LA841 is a new wheat variety with exceptional yields throughout the Mid-South. It led university yield trials in Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta. LA841 has excellent tolerance to the rust complex and to powdery mildew. It works across all soil types. When necessary, it fits as a later planted selection.

Terral TV8466 is an ideal variety to push yield envelope with intensive management. Excellent choice for earlier planting for those producers who like a head start. Exhibits very good tolerance to powdery mildew and leaf rust. Strong straw supports higher plant populations.

Terral TV8502 demonstrates a yield advantage in heavier soils. A beardless variety with semierect head posture. Rated 9 against Hessian fly biotypes B and E. Broadly adapted across all soil types and production environments.

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