Task force addresses cotton bale moisture

The NCC's Executive Committee approved recommendations from the NCC's Bale Moisture Task Force for dealing with high moisture and water-packed bales.

NCC Chairman Allen Helms appointed the task force, chaired by Kenneth Hood, producer from Gunnison, Miss. That panel's recommendations place the burden of responsibility for establishing each bale's eligibility for the marketing assistance loan program on the gins operating direct water spray moisture restoration systems.

The Executive Committee also approved an amendment offered by the National Cotton Ginners Association, which seeks from USDA the denial of loan eligibility for bales processed at gins with direct water spray moisture restoration systems following the 2007-08 crop year.

Hood and task force member Bill Winburne, merchant from Phoenix, Ariz., were accompanied by Bill Norman, NCC vice president of Ginners Services, in a meeting with USDA's Commodity Credit Corp. officials. USDA officials sought a meeting with NCC representatives following the discovery of water-packed bales in several Mid-South warehouses.

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