Syngenta: New Touchdown

Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., has filed a registration application with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its new, third-generation, patented Touchdown glyphosate herbicide with IQ Technology.

“This innovative product will couple Syngenta's proprietary, high-performance potassium formulation with its state-of-the-art IQ Technology for outstanding down-to-the-roots weed control,” said Bill Beutke, brand manager at Syngenta.

Syngenta field tests conducted since 1999 have demonstrated the new formulation will deliver more consistent performance over a wider range of environmental and field conditions.

This new product is a high-load formulation with a lower average use rate of 24 ounces per acre, versus the current recommended rate of 32 ounces.

“Syngenta anticipates registration later this year,'' said Beutke.

The registration should cover all uses that are currently on the Touchdown label, including application over Roundup Ready soybeans, Roundup Ready corn and Roundup Ready cotton.

This new formulation is not yet registered with the U.S. EPA. No sale or use of this formulation is permitted until all EPA and state registrations have been obtained.

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