Syngenta to market florasulam in deal with Dow AgroSciences

Syngenta has announced its collaboration with Dow AgroSciences to bring a new broadleaf weed control tool to U.S. small grains farmers. Registration for the active ingredient, florasulam, is anticipated in time for the 2008 growing season.

“Dow AgroSciences will provide Syngenta with exclusive, third-party rights to sell florasulam in a variety of combination products in U.S. cereal grains,” said Jim Parker, cereal herbicide marketing manager for Dow AgroSciences. “This agreement will bring more weed control options to the market.”

“Access to florasulam will strengthen our cereals product line, complementing our newest grass herbicide, Axial,” said Dan Hinderliter, herbicide brand manager for Syngenta. “Syngenta is committed to the U.S. cereals market, and the addition of florasulam further demonstrates that.”

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