Switch trailers quickly with Boxer Hitch

Everyday tasks just got easier for farmers, ranchers, contractors and everyone who tows thanks to Boxer Hitch, a unique time-saving towing tool that fits all towing needs, at all heights.

Known as “16 hitches-in-one,” Boxer Hitch enables workers to switch trailers or any towable in 10 seconds flat — without changing balls or hitches and there are no tools required.

With three different-size balls mounted simultaneously, a simple turn of the dial easily changes the ball. Boxer Hitch stands out because it also features a unique pin slot for towing farm implements, and instantly adjusts to six different heights.

Boxer Hitch is tested to 14,000 pounds and is made of solid steel construction.

This new favorite of all who tow multiple trailers and implements is made in the U.S.A., and 100 percent backed by the manufacturer.

For additional information contact Carl or Mary Buchanon at (580) 223-8002, (580) 220-1195, or [email protected] or write to 3876 Ponderosa Road, Ardmore, Okla. 73401.

CARL BUCHANON, inventor of the Boxer Hitch, shows details of the device which allows workers to switch trailers in 10 seconds.

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