Status corn herbicide now available from BASF

BASF has introduced Status herbicide for post-emergent broadleaf weed control in corn.

“Status offers growers a new level of confidence in their weed control by controlling a broad spectrum of weeds while offering them superior crop safety,” said Leon Duchene, Status product manager, BASF.

Dan Westberg, technical marketing manager, BASF, said, “Status controls even the toughest yield-robbing weeds such as waterhemp, kochia, morningglory, Palmer amaranth, common and giant ragweed and common lambsquarters.”

“Status is the perfect tank-mix partner with glyphosate, making Roundup Ready simple again,” said Westberg. “Status will increase the performance on tough-to-control broadleaf weeds, at the same time helping manage glyphosate resistance.”

Gary Schmitz, technical service manager for BASF, reviewed university trial results and use recommendations for Status herbicide, including recommendations for conventional corn and Roundup Ready corn and the flexibility to be used in a sequential application or a total post treatment.

“In 20 independent trials conducted by key agricultural universities, Status showed excellent crop safety results. The tests were performed on many different varieties and at various timings,” said Schmitz.

Duchene said that with growing demand for corn to supply ethanol production and export markets, there's going to be significantly more corn acres this season. This means that simplicity and convenience will be important to growers given the time crunch they will be under.”

Further information can be found on the web at

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