U.S. farmers will ‘hunker down’ to survive in 2016, won't quit

No one is more aware of the challenges they face in 2016 than American farmers. Low commodity prices and high input costs are combining to produce a "double-whammy," as one of the speakers said at the "Great 2016 Grain Marketing Debate" at this year's just-completed Commodity Classic in New Orleans.

But that doesn't mean farmers are ready to throw in the towel, according to Ed Usset, grain marketing specialist with the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota and a marketing columnist for Corn + Soybean Digest, a sister publication of Delta Farm Press.

Responding to a question from the standing-room-only audience at the Learning Center session, Usset made what may be the quintessential statement about the American farmer in 2016. (The question was about who would quit first - farmers overseas or U.S. farmers - because of the dismal price outlook.)

We don’t quit,” said Usset. “We talk about quitting, but the people in this room don’t quit. You find some costs to cut, and you hunker down to survive for a few more years, but you don’t quit.”


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