Tri-State Soybean Meeting: asking questions and Pipe Planner

Tri-State Soybean Meeting: asking questions and Pipe Planner

Pipe Planner program, video pushed. Links provided.

Attendees of the 2016 Tri-State Soybean Meeting were reminded that producers of soybeans are vested in the promotion board of their state.

“The United Soybean Checkoff takes one-half of one percent of your gross proceeds,” said Tim Clements, chairman of the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board (MSPB) and farmer from Greenville. “Half of your check-off dollars go to the United Soybean Board and half stays in your home state. That’s the way it works.”

Half of the MSPB money stays in research. “We do a lot of research in Stoneville and Mississippi State (University). We’ve spent a lot of money on irrigation research in the last few years trying to conserve our aquifer.

“We’re spending your money and we’d like to have your input. Ask questions and we’ll answer them.”

Clements urged fellow producers to check out irrigation-related computer programs.  

“Water conservation is really a big issue with the metering program. One of the best things we’ve done lately is a Pipe Planner video. Pipe Planner is an offshoot – a bit of a simpler approach – of PHAUCET.”

The video is a joint effort between the Mississippi and Arkansas promotion boards. “It’s an excellent tool. Regardless of how familiar you already are with Pipe Planner, it’ll help you.”

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