Start clean, rotate chemistries to make Xtend work

Following the Xtend guidelines can make a major difference in on-target applications of dicamba formulations.

Chris Porter says he talked to every one of his neighbors first before he made the first application of dicamba on his Xtend soybeans in 2013.

Porter was one of the first to plant and spray the dicamba-tolerant soybeans under an experimental permit, due, in part, to his proximity to the Monsanto Asgrow Seed Plant near Matthews, Mo.

He believes good communications and following the label instructions are the keys to making the new system work in a highly-diversified cropping area like the Missouri Bootheel where he farms. He spoke at the Monsanto Xtend Your Dicamba Knowledge Seminar at the Mid-South Farm and Gin Show.

To watch more videos from the Xtend Your Dicamba Knowledge Seminar, click on:


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