Soy rust in more Mississippi counties

Since Monday, Asian soybean rust has been confirmed in four additional Mississippi counties.

In an alert issued Wednesday evening, Tom Allen, assistant Extension/research professor at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Miss., said “on Monday rust was detected in an R7 commercial soybean field in Bolivar County. Incidence and severity of the disease was very low with only one leaf having a single lesion containing three pustules.

“On Wednesday rust was detected in R7 commercial soybean fields in Issaquena, Sharkey, and Warren counties. Levels of the disease were extremely low in all cases.

“Please continue to refer to the soybean rust hotline (866) 641-1847 as the week continues.”

Additionally, Allen said he’d be providing outlines for “several different treatment scenarios” to be released this Friday.

TAGS: Soybeans
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