Regulations, low prices combining to make 2016 year to remember

Missouri’s Eight Congressional District runs from 20 miles south of the city of St. Louis to 10 miles east of Branson to three miles from Ft. Leonard Wood to the southern border with Arkansas.

It’s the largest congressional in the state and contains its most varied agriculture. Congressman Jason Smith had just completed his annual farm tour when he spoke during the annual Fisher Delta Research Center Appreciation Breakfast and Field Day near Portageville, Mo.

Congressman Smith, who was elected to represent the district on June 4, 2013, is the second youngest member of Congress in the nation. He first became interested in politics in high school, as he explained to the audience at the Fisher Delta Research Center.

Federal regulations are a big concern to many of the farmers he talked with on the farm tour, he said, but growers are also concerned about low commodity prices, especially for corn and soybeans, two of the largest crops in the District.

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