No soybean rust in Mississippi

Asian soybean rust hasn’t yet been found in Mississippi this growing season. The following report was released by Tom Allen, Mississippi State University Extension and research assistant professor at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Miss., on June 20.

“To date, the only soybean rust that has been detected in the United States has been in southern Texas about two miles north of the border with Mexico.

“Over the past few weeks, conditions throughout much of Mississippi have not been conducive for the development of the disease. At present, sentinel plots are coming along nicely, with most plots in the R-5 growth stages.

“Typically, by this time of the year, several other states have detected the disease but conditions through the winter likely eradicated much, if not all, of the fungus responsible for causing soybean rust from the Gulf Coast states.

“We are continuing to scout soybeans (both commercial and sentinel plots) as well as kudzu throughout Mississippi. Stay tuned to the Web site ( as well as the telephone hotline, (866) 641-1847, that will be updated as information changes.”

TAGS: Soybeans
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