Near-miss on 120-bushel target for Arkansas yield challenge

When James Wray began the new year, he set three goals: He wanted to break the 100-bushel-yield barrier for soybeans in 2016; he wanted to exceed the Arkansas Soybean Research and Promotion Board's 120-bushels-per-acre-by-2020 goal in 2017; and he wanted to beat the world record within the next 10 years.

The world record got moved up -- to 171 bushels per acre -- but Wray, who is in his second full year of farming, came painfully close to accomplishing both of the other goals for 100-plus bushels and 120 bushels per acre and claiming the $10,000 prize that went with the latter. 

He talks about the experience in this interview recorded on the edge of one of the fields he and his father, Eddie Wray, farm near Trumann, Ark., a couple of days after he harvested 118.8 bushels per acre in a field just outside Payneway in northeast Arkansas.

For more on the Arkansas Soybean Research and Promotion Board's Grow for the Green Challenge, visit


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