Missouri Pest Day set for July 7 at Bradford Farm, Columbia

Crop problems, from resistant weeds to herbicide injury, top the topics for the annual Pest Management Field Day, July 7, at the University of Missouri Bradford Farm, Columbia, Mo.

Kevin Bradley, MU Extension weed specialist, arranges wagon tours to show research plots, with speakers at each stop.

Registration opens at 8 a.m. At 8:30 a.m., Bradley will tell the agenda for the day. Then the wagons roll.

After lunch, individuals can take a guidebook and revisit the hundreds of weed management plots. There’s much more to see than can be covered in the tours, Bradley says.

Plots are mapped, with ID signs, for follow-up visits.

Often, Bradley adds plots in the spring to show new problems popping up in farmers’ fields. Visitors on the wagon tours are encouraged to ask questions of the scientists.

Some stop topics include soybean seed treatment impact on early-season injury, combining pre-plant and residual herbicides with cover crops, and comparison of new herbicide-resistant soybean systems.

Bradley tests new products before they are released. He’s noted for his frank analysis of emerging technology.

Some topics repeat annually. The crew will go over recommended spraying methods. Managing resistant weeds are regular topics.

Guides will point out plots of interest where there are not stops.

Bradley reminds visitors that MU Bradford Research and Extension Center is the largest plant science research farm in Missouri.

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