Loopers in Mississippi soybeans

Angus Catchot, associate Extension professor of entomology and plant pathology at Mississippi State University, spoke with Delta Farm Press today about the pest situation in Mississippi soybeans.

Are you seeing loopers in Mississippi?

“Yes, we have a bunch showing up in the state. They’re in the Mississippi hills and the Delta. However, it seems the pressure is highest in the Delta.

“For the most part we’ve been getting good control. About the only issues we’ve had with control is where there are some very rank beans and (the pests) have to feed into the treated zone before we gain control.

“But for the most part we’ve done a decent job of control. There have only been a few complaints I’ve heard. Most of those can be traced back to coverage.”

What about worms? Those are hitting hard in east Arkansas.

“We did have a bad problem (in Mississippi) about a month ago. We still do have some bollworms in beans. The difference is that the Mississippi Delta beans were planted a little earlier than the Arkansas Delta’s. We don’t have as many green beans left.

“We’re still treating for a few bollworms but the bulk of our crop has moved past that point.”

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