Liberty herbicide living on borrowed time without alternatives: Part I

Larry Steckel says two things have surprised him during the 2016 crop year. One is how fast resistance to foliar PPO inhibitor herbicides in Palmer amaranth or pigweed has spread in west Tennessee. The other is how far dicamba will drift (which will be covered in Part II of this series.)

The speed that widespread resistance has occurred makes the University of Tennessee Extension weed scientist wonder how much longer growers will be able to count on glufosinate in Liberty-tolerant crops without alternative modes of action.

“We get about 12 cycles for a specific herbicide, and we’re well into that with Liberty,” says Dr. Steckel, who was one of several University of Tennessee scientists who participated along with speakers from Monsanto at the 18th annual Monsanto Field Day in Union City, Tenn.


TAGS: Cotton Weeds
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