Increasing crop diversity calls for new crop protection products

The changing landscape in the Delta and Southeast in recent years doesn’t just mean farmers need a broader array of harvesting equipment. It also means they need new crop protection products.

Intrepid Edge is a new product from Dow AgroSciences that is registered in soybeans, pecans, peanuts, tree nuts, grapes and cotton. It is meant to be a consultant-friendly insecticide for tree and Southern row crops.

“Intrepid Edge is a broad spectrum, worm control products that is designed specifically to control the corn earworm and soybean looper complex that is so challenging for growers in the Mid-South and across the Southern soybean market,” said Jennifer Long, product manager with Dow AgroSciences.

Long, a member of Down AgroSciences' U.S. Insecticides team who was interviewed during the National Conservation Systems Cotton and Rice Conference in Tunica, Miss., said Intrepid Edge offers “fast knockdown and extended residual” control of the worm complex.

“It offers two unique modes of action to help provide growers with increased efficacy in control of those worms as well as a great rotation partner for resistance management purposes,” she said. “Intrepid Edge is a part of the Group 5 and 18 chemistry classes.”

The insecticide is comprised of proprietary active ingredients from Dow AgroSciences, spinetoram and methoxyfenozide. Spinetoram belongs to the spinosyn class of chemistry (IRAC Group 5) and is a fermentation product enhanced by chemical modifications that enable excellent activity at low dose rates.

Methoxyfenozide is a molt-accelerating growth regulator from the diacylhydrazine class of chemistry (IRAC Group 18) that has a proven history on row crops, tree fruits, vines and vegetables and others, she said.

“The diversity of crops in this region makes it important to have several different insecticides available in order to have the right solution for the right crop at the right time. We think Intrepid Edge is a great addition to the support market and will give you the efficacy to get the job done.”

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