Deep tillage, seed treatments part of 100-bushel soybean approach

Perry Galloway says a hard pan can be a big impediment to boosting soybean yields, especially if you’re trying to push them to reach 100 bushels per acre or better as the Augusta, Ark., producer did in 2015.

“If you have a hard pan 3 or 4 inches below the soil surface and nutrients down to 6 inches, you’re throwing half your money away,” he said, showing a photo of the two tractors and deep-tillage rigs he uses on most of his 8,000 acres of cropland.

Seed treatments and crop rotation are other tools Galloway used to grow 108 bushels of soybeans per acre in 2015, says Galloway, who spoke at the Mississippi Soybean Association Forum at the Delta Research and Extension Center at Stoneville, Miss.

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