High yields in the South show DEKALB® brand’s dedication to breeding innovation

The DEKALB® brand continues to place a strong emphasis on driving breeding innovation and delivering the best performing corn products to southern farmers.

Through the brand’s industry-leading breeding program, DEKALB is able to produce top-yielding products built specifically for the south, while also providing farmers access to knowledge behind the seed.

Breeding advancements first begin with a strong focus on farmer feedback. DEKALB is committed to listening to farmers and creating a breeding process specifically tailored to their individual growing conditions. Products are then developed and tested to ensure they are well-adapted to the specific needs of the southern region.

Drawing from the world’s largest germplasm pool, breeders are able to search for traits that will improve corn products, with the ultimate goal of producing seed that will help farmers to manage risk and reach their highest-yield potential.

Monsanto’s commercial corn breeder, Rebecca Corn Eller, has dedicated her focus to characterizing new products to be planted in the south.

“I specialize in the development of southern-adapted corn seed, primarily for Texas and the Mississippi Delta region,” said Eller. “I believe it is important for us to tell our story because the DEKALB brand is driving higher yields through advanced genetics and improved agronomic traits, which result in a greater paycheck for our farmers. They trust us with their business, and we owe it to them to deliver the best corn products in the market.”

To provide farmers with more valuable information about product testing and improved genetics in the south, the DEKALB brand hosted one of their first breedingHQ events.

This was hosted at the Monsanto Learning Center in Scott, Miss. Jay Mahaffey, Monsanto Learning Center Manager, gave a tour of the facility to a select group of local media from southern publications.

“Research and technology are such a huge part in the genetics behind our seed,” said DEKALB brand manager, Rick Myroup. “We recorded five times more yield in 2012 than in 1998. We expect to double that yield by 2030.”

The DEKALB brand’s commitment to corn breeding also can be seen through visiting the new breedingHQ website (DEKALB.com/breeding). There, farmers can view a comprehensive display of the breeding program over the past several decades.

For more information, visit your DEKALB dealer or visit www.DEKALB.com/breeding


Individual results may vary. Always follow grain marketing and all other stewardship practices and pesticide label directions.

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