Soil probe saves irrigation water

VALLEY HAS entered into a development project with Agrilink International, Inc, to connect a soil moisture probe with a center pivot control panel. Agrilink is a major supplier of soil moisture sensors and irrigation technology services to the agricultural industry.

Farmers will be able to know what is happening with water applications, from the pivot and from rainfall. “In these times when many farmers are expected to do more with less, including less water, farmers will be able to more closely track, and more efficiently use their water,” according to Jake LaRue, Valley product manager. “Farmers can see, with scientific evidence, when the water fills the soil profile,” says LaRue, “and thus, they can more easily keep water in the plant's root zone.”

Peter Moller, Agrilink's chief agronomic officer, applauds the joint effort with Valmont. “Valley pivots are precise and efficient in applying water, but now farmers will be able to know exactly when and how much water to apply, by monitoring soil moisture and the crop's daily water use throughout the growing season. Farmers need a device like this Direct Connect Probe to maximize their return on investment.”

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