Shur-Co introduces Roll-Up Tarp Upgrade

Shur-Co., manufacturer of The Genuine Shur-Lok Roll Tarp System, proudly introduces its patent pending 3500 Series Electric Roll-Up Tarp Upgrade, with various motor upgrades and remote control options available.

The 3500 Series Electric includes a positive, wind-resistant, dual pivot system which utilizes front and rear spring-loaded torsion arms. The dual pivot points ensure constant tension during operation so you get smooth, even tarp roll from side to side.

The 3500 Series Electric is designed to assist the roll in climbing over heaped loads without spinning out.

There are no cables, no straps and no bungees to break.

Call Shur-Co. at (1-800-474-8756) or visit for more information on the new 3500 Series Electric Roll-Up Tarp Upgrade.

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