Shelbourne Reynolds introduces new drive system stripper headers

SHELBOURNE REYNOLDS has introduced a new drive system for the stripper header. The RSD (Rice Step Drive) system is a simplified fixed speed version of the RVS variable speed model.

The RSD features a fixed speed multi-V belt rotor drive system. The stripping rotor speed is changed by removing the pulley from its splined shaft and replacing it with a pulley stored on the rear of the header. Three rotor speeds — 450 rpm, 550 rpm and 650 rpm — are attainable using the system.

Advantages of the RSD system are simplicity and economy. There are fewer moving parts, which means that the retail price of the machine is $4,000 less than for an RVS model. The RSD drive system also enables the owner to set the header speed and be sure that the speed will not be adjusted again without his knowledge.

Both RSD and RVS Rice Special stripper headers now feature stainless steel stripping fingers, crop deflectors, top hoods and floors as well as hardened steel auger flighting and retractable auger fingers.

Retail prices are as follows: RVS28, $39,923; RSD28, $35,923; RVS24, $37,720; RSD24, $33,720.

All models of Shelbourne Rice Special Stripper Headers are available in, 18-foot, 20-foot, 22-foot, 24-foot and 28-foot widths.

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