Satellite crop maps available

Crop maps are available for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi and the Missouri Bootheel. When the satellite image maps are used in a Geographical Information System and combined with other data layers such as soil, transportation networks, or weather contours, they can be helpful in watershed analysis, soils utilization over large areas, and crop rotation analysis.

A CD-ROM is available for each state for $35. No individually reported data from any farm is included or derivable from the CD-ROM. This aligns with NASS policy to strictly protect the confidentiality of farmer reported data.

To order, visit the NASS Web site at and click on Statistical Research, then Cropland Data Layer. For additional information, call the Ag Statistics Hotline at 1-800-727-9540. NASS confidentiality and security pledges may be accessed from the NASS homepage at by clicking on Agency Information.

Editor’s Note: The Cropland Data Layer CD-ROM contains categorized Landsat satellite imagery of the major crop producing areas in these states. The images have been precision registered and mosaicked into a seamless GIS-ready data layer. In addition, the data layer has been bundled into a viewable ArcExplorer project that allows you to browse the Cropland Data Layer without needing additional GIS software or image processing systems.

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