Rust found in more Mid-South counties

On Tuesday Sept. 16, soybean rust was confirmed in Lincoln and Jefferson counties in Arkansas in producer soybean fields.

The incidence in Lincoln County was low (one leaf had one pustule, one leaf had five pustules out of 100 leaves). The location of the field is at Hwy. 65 and Allison Drive on the right.

The incidence in Jefferson County was low (one leaf with four pustules out of 100 leaves). The location of the field it west of Glenlake, Ark..

Arkansas is not recommending a blanket application of a fungicide for the state. Arkansas plant pathologist Scott Monfort noted, “At this time, the southeast part of the state is at more risk than the rest of the state and should be the primary area considering applying a fungicide. This could change in the next few days as we continue to scout the other regions of the state.”

Soybean rust was also reported in Thomas County, Ga., on Sept. 16.

On Sept. 15, soybean rust was reported on soybeans in Autauga County, Ala., and in Bolivar County, Miss.

On Sept. 12, soybean rust was reported on soybeans in Phillips County, Ark., Leflore and Sunflower counties, Miss., Lowndes County, Ga., and Escambia County, Ala.

Since January 2008, soybean rust has been reported in nine counties in Alabama; six counties in Arkansas; 11 counties in Georgia, 22 counties in Florida; four counties in Louisiana; 14 counties in Mississippi, and five counties in Texas.

Rust was also reported in three states (five municipalities) in Mexico on yam beans and soybeans. These were destroyed or are no longer active.

Soybean rust is expected to spread northward until frost.

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