Roll-Belt round balers upgraded

New Holland BR-A Series Roll-Belt round balers have been upgraded with a number of improvements that further enhance their durability, reliability and productivity.

Producing bale sizes ranging from four-by-four feet, to five-by-six feet, the New Holland BR-A Series offers the widest selection of models and options in the industry. With five chamber sizes and eight distinct models to choose from, they are designed to meet the needs of any sized operation.

Improvements listed

Windrow pickups improvements:

  • The standard pickup uses a redesigned pickup band and a new method of band attachment to increase the ability of the bands to more easily flex under harsh baling conditions.

  • A number of improvements to the windrow pickup and stuffer, change in the auger diameter and length, and modification to the design of the windguard allow the XtraSweep wide pickup to feed crops into the baler more efficiently. Producers can manage much wider windrows, saving time and leaving virtually no crop on the ground.

Bale formation improvements:

  • Infeed discs are now included on BR770A and BR780A round balers as part of the main frame weld assembly. Previously, infeed bolt-on discs were available as a dealer-installed accessory and they remain available for all models of New Holland Roll-Belt round balers.

Thicker belts

  • New endless belts for the BR740A and BR750A models are thicker, which improves belt stiffness and denser bale formation. (The three-year/15,000 bale Bonded Protection program on endless belts is still tops the industry.)

Tying system improvements:

  • Balers equipped with AutoWrap now use a new flexible rubber shield that flexes during operation to improving twine starting.

  • Twine knife pivot bushings are now made of sturdier UHMW (ultra high molecular weight) plastic material.

Bale ejection improvements:

  • BR780A round balers are equipped with a new bale ramp that directs the bale in a straighter line away from the baler. The improved bale ramp also uses heavier springs to move the bale more positively away from the baler.

For more information on New Holland products, contact your local New Holland dealer or visit the New Holland Web site at

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