Right angle for building shed

The Fast Framer Kit makes it easy to construct a versatile and attractive 7-foot by 8-foot storage shed with a gable roof without having to cut angles. It also saves money over using a prefabricated or custom-built structure.

The kit contains a collection of patented stud and angle brackets that eliminate the need to make angle cuts using standard 2-by-4 lumber. Also included are easy-to-follow instructions along with a list of required materials and tools.

The only tools required are a hammer, power screwdriver or drill, saw, level, square, tape measure and a ladder.

The structure can be used as a mini-barn, tool shed, wood shed, greenhouse, and in many other ways.

An 8-foot by 14-foot and 10-foot by 22-foot shed can be built using two and three kits, respectively.

Cost for a kit is $49.95 plus S&H.

For additional information, contact G&T Sales, P.O. Box 216, Big Arm, Mont. 59910, 406-849-5138, or visit the Web site at www.gtsales.us.

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