‘Wal-Mart Model’ could help advance rice breeding

Dr. Susan McCouch says scientists are discovering a tremendous amount of information about plants, such as rice. But that pales in comparison with what companies like Wal-Mart are discovering about their customers.

McCouch says programs such as the “Wal-Mart model,” which collects more data on shopping trends in hours than scientists have collected about the rice plant in decades, could help channel that information into new break-throughs in rice breeding.

Her comments in this last of a three-part series summed up the direction she hopes entities such as the LSU AgCenter’s H. Rouse Caffey Rice Research Station can take rice breeding developments in the coming years. They came at the 100-plus-year-old research facility’s annual field day near Crowley, La.

For more information, visit www.LSUAgCenter.com

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