Two new Clearfield rice lines

The LSU AgCenter has approved the release of two new Clearfield lines for the 2010 rice-growing season, according to Steve Linscombe, LSU AgCenter rice breeder.

The first, Clearfield medium-grain CL261, will be available in the spring for seed and limited commercial production. “The line has good yield potential and very good milling and grain quality,” Linscombe said.

He added that work will continue on more medium-grain Clearfield lines.

“We have some lines in the breeding program that show even greater yield potential.” Linscombe said another line showed higher yields and was near to release last year. However, it was eliminated after it began segregating into populations with varying cereal chemistry traits.

Linscombe said farmers have wanted a Clearfield medium-grain because of the premium paid in 2009 for medium-grain. Millers want a Clearfield medium-grain to meet quality demands that include an absence of red rice grains.

The second Clearfield line, designated as CL111, is a long-grain rice that also will be released for 2010 production. It will have very early maturity, with a high yield potential, although not as much as CL151.

CL111 will mature a week earlier than other Clearfield lines, which is desirable for a second crop in south Louisiana. Linscombe said north Louisiana farmers also want early maturity to get their crop out of the fields sooner. The potential variety also has less chalk than CL151 and better blast resistance.

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