Stewardship will be critical for preserving Provisia rice

Farmers will need to consider crop rotation planning before they begin planting Provisia rice varieties in 2018 or 19.

Tim Walker says it’s been 15 or 16 years since scientists with the LSU AgCenter and officials with American Cyanamid and Horizon Ag announced the Clearfield technology that helped change weed control in rice.

Dr. Walker, general manager of Horizon Ag, and BASF are now preparing growers to begin planting the new Provisia rice, which is tolerant to quizalofop or Provisia herbicide, on a limited basis in 2018.

Hopefully, it won’t be 15 or 16 more years before another new technology is developed, but Dr. Walker is urging growers to practice good stewardship when they try Provisia in 2018 or 2019. That includes using the proper crop rotation strategies such as not planting Provisia rice following Clearfield varieties.

He and other speakers discussed the new system and other new Clearfield varieties during presentations at the Horizon Ag Field Day on the Mark Wimpy Farm near Jonesboro, Ark., on Aug. 10.

To learn more about Provisia rice, visit and

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