Some Arkansas rice receives ‘million dollar’ rain

Some Arkansas rice receives ‘million dollar’ rain

Update on Arkansas rice crop in late July. Crop forecast, temperatures and fall armyworm in rice.

The long-term forecast says the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Some rain showers blew through many areas of Arkansas over the past few days, particularly central and south. However, some only got to watch it rain around them and not on them.

Many received a “million dollar rain” – the first appreciable, or measurable, rain since the beginning of June. At a time when irrigation capacity is getting tight, over an inch of rain changes the whole game. Strong winds in places have started a little lodging but that seems limited and hopefully stays that way.

Draining has begun on a limited basis with many set to pick up steam this week. These rains will help the moisture situation as folks turn off wells and let the flood dry up rather than actively drain.

My expectation was that some rice would be delivered before July ended but the sudden burst of rainfall likely put a stop to that. However, the first rice will probably be delivered sometime (during the first week of August). There has been rice cut in the state -- at least one field of a new super-early hybrid -- but no other fields of current commercial cultivars have been harvested.

Read the full post, including information on crop forecast, temperatures and fall armyworm in rice.  

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