Row rice farmers, specialists, consultants learning on the go

As farmers experiment with furrow-irrigated or row rice, they’re reaching out to university researchers, consultants and other farmers for advice about how to make the new approach to growing rice work.

Dustin Harrell, Extension rice specialist with the LSU AgCenter, says most of what he knows about row rice he’s learned from talking to farmers, consultants and university specialists in Arkansas and Mississippi.

“I think researchers from the University of Arkansas and from Mississippi State University will issue reports on their findings very soon,” Dr. Harrell said at a Row Rice Production Meeting held by the North Louisiana Rice Growers Association and the Richland Parish Extension Office in Rayville, La.

Dr. Harrell gave an audience of more than 50 farmers a recap of the current thinking on row rice and some of the potential savings and other reasons growers may want to consider using the practice during a 20-minute presentation.

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