Rice update: planting progress, armyworms, DD50 sign-up

Rice update: planting progress, armyworms, DD50 sign-up

Rice planting impacted by wet weather. DD50 enrollment encouraged. Armyworm update.

Arkansas Extension's Jarrod Hardke, rice agronomist, and Scott Stiles, economist, have written a report on the current condition of the state's rice. Among their findings:

"Progress slowed over the past week with the return of wet weather. Private estimates now peg Arkansas rice acres at 1.425 million, down from 1.441 forecast by USDA in March (and 1.45 by me at the same point). Given conditions and the current outlook – somewhere at 1.3-1.4 million acres looks about right for a final planted acreage. There are no certainties at this point and those final reported acreage estimates are still a long way off."

Read the full report.

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