Bobby Coats and Nathan Childs answer questions at Rice Outlook Conference
Bobby Coats, left, University of Arkansas, and Nathan Childs, right, USDA economist, visit with David Jessup, president and CEO of DeWitt Bank and Trust in DeWitt, Ark., at the USA Rice Outlook Conference.

Rice Outlook U.S. and World Supply and Demand Charts

Plans to increase rice acres should be tempered by consideration of the current market fundamentals.

Any increase in U.S. rice acres in 2017 could be problematic for rice prices, an analysis of the fundamentals in the rice markets indicates.

Dr. Bobby Coats, professor of agricultural economics and agribusiness at the University of Arkansas Systems Division of Agriculture, says the current fundamentals and no new source of demand will make any improvement in rice prices difficult in 2017.

“You can certainly start to understand that the president, Congress and Federal Reserve and their counterparts around the world along with global business are operating in historic uncertain times Post-World War II,” he said.

“So growers need to expect the unexpected from markets and make their planting decisions accordingly.”

Dr. Coats prepared the accompanying slide show to help illustrate the market fundamentals in play in the U.S and world markets.

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