Provisia rice variety measuring up in Louisiana demonstration

Louisiana producer optimistic about new Provisia rice weed control and quality; price remains question mark

When Christian Richard was offered seed of the new PVL01 Provisia rice variety for a 30-acre demonstration plot in 2017 he jumped at the chance.

Like many south Louisiana producers, he’s been battling weedy rice and other problem grasses in his rice fields. Richard had also seen Provisia in test plots on his farm near Kaplan in south Louisiana in 2016.

Two applications of the Provisia herbicide, which has the active ingredient in the old Assure herbicide, at 15 ounces each gave him a much cleaner rice field than he’s been seeing. The active ingredient, quizalofop, has not been used much in rice before.

He also likes what he’s hearing about PVL01’s quality, but, like other producers, he’s wondering how the pricing of the new higher quality line will play out in the seasons ahead. “We need some balance in the cost of the input and the price farmers are receiving for a higher quality, premium rice,” he says.

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